Barbeque Pork


One of our family's favorite "planned" leftover recipes. You may know this as pulled pork or Brunswick stew.


hamburger buns
onion, chopped and sauteed
1⁄2 cup
white vinegar
3⁄4 cups
brown sugar, packed
garlic cloves
1 can
tomato paste, 10 ounce
2 cans
tomato sauce, 8 ounce
2 cans
whole tomatoes, 16 ounce
3 pounds
pork roast with gravy, cooked, leftover


After cooking Pork Roast with Gravy (Crock Pot) as directed, return pork leftovers to crock pot. Add tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste, garlic, brown sugar, vinegar, and onions. Cook on Low 12 to 18 hours (overnight).

Crush meat into strings; remove pork bones from barbecue. Salt and pepper to taste. Cool and remove fat.

To freeze: place barbecue in freezer containers. Cover and freeze.

Bundle with: 4 large hamburger buns per container.

To prepare: thaw barbecue before heating. Place barbecue in saucepan and heat until hot. Toast buns; place barbecue over buns and serve with fork--it's juicy!


Great use of leftover Roast Pork With Gravy.